Past Winners

Launch LaGrange County applauds three winners each year. Read about past winners in the sections below.



shipshewana pedicabs.jpg

isaiah lehman, josh grogg, and erik mellinger - shipshewana pedicabs (2016-2017 winner)

Seniors Isaiah Lehman and Erik Mellinger along with junior Josh Grogg are the founders of Shipshewana Pedicabs, a pedicab transportation request service set to open in Shipshewana in May. They placed first in the county-wide competition, receiving grants, scholarships, and a number of other prizes.

Where are they now? Check out Shipshewana Pedicabs on their website!


Dalton misner and hunter witney - h-d drone service (2016-2017 first runner-up)

Dalton Misner and Hunter Witney are the founders of H-D Drone Service, a service providing crop health analysis for farmers through the use of drones. They placed second in the county-wide competition.




Jordan Miller and Trey Zabona are the creators of DonnAGlove, a product designed for professionals who frequently change sterile gloves in food service or medicine. They tied for third place in the county-wide competition with EquaHeat, another Westview team.

braden equaheat.jpg


Braden Reynolds is the founder of EquaHeat, a company with a battery-powered alternative to a heating pad. He tied for third place in the county-wide competition with DonnAGlove, another Westview team.

Check out Braden's new business venture-




Cole miller - millermatic irrigation (2015-2016 Winner)

Cole Miller is the founder of MillerMatic Irrigation, a company that has created a single-pivot irrigation system for smaller farms. Cole, who was a senior at the time, won first place in the inaugural year of Launch LaGrange County, earning him a startup grant of $5,000 along with scholarships and a bundle of other prizes.


AJ Dorough - Haywire Software (2015-2016 FIRST RUNNER-UP)

AJ Dorough is the Founder and CEO of Haywire Software, an app development company that created a computer science education program called Interact Academy that teaches all of the coding standards for a web design class in the state of Indiana. AJ, who was a sophomore at the time, placed second at the county level, earning him a $2,500 startup grant along with scholarships to Ivy Tech and Indiana Tech.

bus buddy.jpg

MANUEL RANGEL, Kameron combs, Nolan ISAACS, & kyle coalson - bus buddy (2015-2016 second runner-up)

Manuel Rangel, Kameron Combs, Nolan Isaacs, and Kyle Coalson are the founders of Bus Buddy, a company that is developing an app that tells you how far your bus is from your house. Bus Buddy, whose members were all sophomores except for senior Kameron Combs, placed third at the county level, earning them a $1,000 startup grant and scholarships to Ivy Tech and Indiana Tech.